Safe Drinking Water is Our Top Priority

Water is essential to life. Making sure we deliver safe, reliable water to drink and use is the number one priority at North Texas Municipal Water District. The majority of the water supply for homes and businesses comes from manmade storage reservoirs, collected from Lavon Lake, Lake Texoma, Jim Chapman Lake, Lake Tawakoni and the East Fork Water Reuse Project. Beginning in 2022, water will also come from water Bois d’Arc Lake, currently under construction.

After pumping the lake water into one of six water treatment plants, it gets rigorous treatment to remove sediment, bacteria and other impurities. They first clean out solid particles, and then the two-step disinfection process eliminates bacteria and viruses in the water supply and distribution system. The district uses common disinfectants such as chlorine, chloramine (chlorine plus ammonia) and ozone.

To ensure quality water, a state-certified laboratory conducts and processes hundreds of samples every day, adding up to more than 250,000 samples tested each year, to ensure drinking water meets or surpasses regulatory, health and aesthetic standards set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts. They also publish results online via water quality reports.

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