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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


YMCA One-Minute Warning

It only takes a minute for a child to drown. Last year, more than 40 children were treated for drowning or near-drowning accidents by specialists at Children’s Medical Center (CMS). Now, water safety experts from the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, CMS and Safe Kids Dallas are collaborating with Alliance Data and Independent Pool & Spa Service Organization (IPSSA) to stage a mock drowning in a Garland pool to illustrate how quickly and quietly drowning can occur.

The Dallas YMCA, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and Safe Kids Dallas Area have worked together since 2002 to educate the community about drowning prevention and to raise awareness of Know Before You Go.

“Drowning and near drowning incidents can be prevented, but parents must be armed with the right information to help protect their children in and around water,” says Jennifer Pewitt, associate vice president of aquatics for the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. “Through the efforts of the Know Before You Go program parents can gain the knowledge to ensure a safer swimming environment and reduce the risk of drowning, whether in a backyard pool, community pool or a lake.”

Remember, the three essential rules of water safety are 1) Test and Teach—Have your child’s swim skills tested and teach them to swim. The Dallas YMCA offers free swimming assessments. 2) Watch and Guar—Appoint an adult to supervise all swim activities and add barriers. 3) Throw Don’t Go—Throw out a flotation device or use a pole to reach a drowning child; never jump in to save.

In an effort to help families prepare for the 2011 swim season, water safety experts will make free Know Before You Go presentations for community groups.

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