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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


May 2012 Publisher Letter

May 14, 2012 12:38PM

Fresh on the heels of Earth Day Dallas and other exciting Earth Day activities, we now turn to Mother’s Day, neatly combining in my mind visions of our universal Mother Earth. It’s obvious to every thinker by now that our own health is intimately related to and dependent upon the health of your home planet. It’s the reason for my recent immersion in a lifelong pursuit to raise awareness of the infinite meeting points of green and healthy living.

Just as we live longer, happier and healthier when we live in good relationship with our biological mother, so we do well when we honor our Earth Mother. Mutual nurturing is essential to sustain both relationships: taking care of it, loving it, giving it all that it needs to grow and thrive and keeping it from harm. Just as you would not give your child poisonous, toxic or dangerous substances, neither should you give those things to the nurturing ground on which you walk or the refreshing air that you breathe. A well-treated child tends to return the favor, in love, respect and good will. Mother Earth’s nature is to do the same.

This month, as we take special moments to appreciate and celebrate our mothers, let’s think of some new and substantial ways we can honor and celebrate Mother Earth; things we can turn into long-lasting, contagious habits that benefit all.

Taking such positive steps has greater repercussions than we imagine. Check out Kathleen Barnes’ “The Hormone Balancing Act,” for a greater understanding of how all the synthetic chemicals in our daily world affect us and some natural strategies for countering their influence. Similarly, as you read Linda Sechrist’s article on “Anti-Aging Skincare,” let’s see how we can turn back the clock to optimal appearance using more natural techniques that are gentle on both ourselves and our environment.

This month’s issue is chock full of things you can do to live your best life naturally. I particularly like “Local Bike Trails,” about how Dallas biking trails are connecting the dots in relating personal and planetary health. You can now comfortably ride your bicycle to work, shopping and play, thus reducing air pollution, congestion and your carbon footprint.

All is intertwined, interdependent and wonderfully made by God to work together for good and our highest and best use. Planet Earth is our second mother, one of the most influential presences in our lives. Let’s choose today and every day to treat it as such.

Until next month, remember healthy living is green and green living is healthy.


Bernice Butler, Publisher

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