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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


August 2012 Publisher Letter

If your family is anything like mine, life can become so busy at times that you neglect to do the needful things vital to taking care of yourself and your loved ones—beginning with making your daily hookup with your inner source, the Holy Spirit. That’s why this month’s focus on Family Wellness is vital, with Natural Awakenings contributors offering helpful ideas to equip every member of the family for healthy, happy living, including beloved pets. We hope that you will take time to evaluate areas where your family will benefit from improvements in your routine and take steps now to ensure that everyone has the best possible opportunities for staying healthy—mentally, physically and spiritually.

If your daily clock seems permanently bumped into fast forward, one thing many families do to slow down the tick-tick-ticking is to gather for dinner almost every night. This cherished pause in the schedule presents an opportunity to turn off the tube and become hyper aware of one another. To start the conversation flowing, try sharing one thing you each are thankful for before eating. It has been my experience that God honors this attitude of gratitude by more clearly revealing present blessings of peace, joy and abundance.

Who isn’t grateful for the summer break? Plus, North Texans can now begin the countdown to cooler, under-100-degree days. During this last official month of summer, everyone is famously staying out of the heat and trying to squeeze in a few last treasured days of R&R pleasures before falling headfirst into preschool schedules, big-school kids’ activities, amped-up work routines and renewed attention on weightier matters. I am no exception, which is why this issue speaks to me in so many ways.

Our Green Living feature article, encouraging local communities to invest in Main Street, provides food for both thought and action about how each of us can more effectively direct our dollars toward making this a more green, healthy and sustainable planet. Why not move our money from big banks and Wall Street to community banks and local credit unions that give back to our community? Everyone can join this movement.

Before I go, let me encourage you to take advantage of the many fall events and festivals, when the fun continues. Until next month, when we explore Creative Expression, North Texas-style, remember that green living is healthy and healthy living is green.


Bernice Butler

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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