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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


November 2012 Publisher Letter

Nov 09, 2012 11:32AM

With this month culminating in Thanksgiving Day, November feels like the perfect time to pause to reflect on all the blessings that are ours as individuals, families, a nation under God and beloved beings, for which this wonderful planet was created. I am in awe contemplating even a glimpse of the infinite reasons we have to give gratitude.

What bounty is ours. Regardless of humans’ environmental abuses, Earth continues to generously provide for our needs. Despite rancorous politicians, Americans continue to be blessed with the greatest freedom, indomitable spirit and overall prosperity on the world scene. Personally, I am privileged to shepherd the publication of a magazine that serves as the green, healthy and sustainable living authority in our regional marketplace; I love having the daily opportunity to help educate, inform and inspire everyone to take better care of themselves and our Earthly home.

Readers throughout the Dallas Metroplex and North Texas communities regularly tell me how they run to pick up the magazine each month and learn about helpful issues and events in these pages. I feel encouraged that by following my triple passions for producing, sharing and teaching, and extolling the necessity of integrating healthy living with a healthy environment, I have realized my God-given ministry and life purpose.

I’m delighted to know that so many are resonating with Lisa Marshall’s feature article, “Fashion a Passion-Driving Life: Realize Your Purpose and Feed Your Soul.” Why not join in giving even more life and breath and movement to your own passions starting right now—what haven’t you yet dared to explore? Get a jumpstart with Janet Attwood’s “Passion Test.” There’s little that is more exhilarating than feeling fully engaged in your life through work, play and prayer.

As yet another aid, Jack Canfield, best known as co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, shares his latest success tips for overcoming obstacles and achieving the life we aim for. So often, we let rational arguments stay us from a divinely directed next step that is custom-made to accelerate our progress, yet it’s always our choice. Next, check out the purposeful paths to success by our two Community Spotlight experts, Dr. Rebeca Gracia, a compounding pharmacist, and Dr. Latonya Smith, a local holistic dentist.

While we are immersed in expressing appreciation for all we have received, as well as the good still to come, let us vow now not to allow the stress of endless to-dos steal our goodwill and gratitude. Instead, let us take a moment every day to reflect on blessings great and small. It’s the secret to receiving ever more of the good that our Creator is waiting to heap upon us.

With heartfelt gratitude and best wishes for a joyous holiday season,

Bernice Butler Publisher

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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