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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


January 2013 Publisher Letter

Jan 02, 2013 02:34PM

I love that January brings the opportunity to mentally turn the page to a whole new year, a prime place to start again with a blank slate, file away the old and move forward into bold new places. How we love to look to fresh possibilities with hope and excitement.

We might even consider a few do-over’s while forgiving any didn’t-do’s, hurts or disappointments, including those of our own making. I like to take advantage of January’s fresh start to annually remind myself of the gift of self-forgiveness; it comes in handy as I assemble a hope-to-make-it happen list for the coming year. In fact, I’ve established “Be gentle with myself” as this year’s theme.


To me, it hinges on learning to consistently let go of my own will and rest in the arms of my sovereign Creator in every situation. I know that listening to and following His will carries the inherent promises of peace, provision, protection, wisdom and prosperity.


Contributors to these pages love to offer up ideas for new adventures and possibilities each month, opportunities to help you grow and flourish. At Natural Awakenings, we’ve been writing about gentle alternatives that seed well-being since the magazine’s inception, 19 years ago in Naples, Florida (yes, January brings our birthday thanks and greetings). Today, we continue the mission to share a wealth of the resources, tools and inspiration you need to support the kind of family, community, nation and world you envision.


We continue to highlight healthcare modalities that address the whole person, holistic education models, eat local movements that embrace organic foods, community monetary solutions, sustainable energy solutions and green vehicle alternatives that honor and preserve Earth’s resources and of course, we focus a lot on sustainable relationships—connecting and loving each other (and ourselves). It’s all geared to spark fresh ideas you might like to try in order to make your life the best yet.


In this current Health and Wellness issue, Kathleen Barnes offers some surprisingly simple “Healthy Lifestyle Tweaks,” and Judith Fertig serves up insights for “Sustainable Weight Loss,” all of which are designed to help you discover easy-to-make lifestyle adjustments that work for you. As always, our monthly calendars and guides are filled with local resources offering readers plenty of options and aids for meeting life goals.


We look forward to enjoying a great new year as we continue this journey together. As always we encourage you to remember that healthy living is green and green living is healthy. May all your resolutions come to fruition, easily.




Bernice Butler, Publisher


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