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We must each ask ourself: “Am I willing to change my ways today to help to ensure a livable, sustainable home for all of my grandchildren’s tomorrows?”

Apr 03, 2013 09:05PM

We’ve all noticed how North Texas seasons are erratic and changing—just a week into spring, temperatures hit freezing, while this past February we experienced an 80 degree day. Many people even seem to be suffering at odd times from “seasonal” allergies. One has to wonder how out of synch with creation humans must be to have so upset nature’s traditional balance that fluctuating weather patterns are just one of many global problems to which we are mightily contributing. After all, God created Heaven and Earth and all that is in it to be elegantly good and self-sustaining.

What happened is that we forgot that green living is healthy and healthy living is green, and through a relative handful of centuries have cumulatively destroyed the natural ecological balance required for survival of life on Earth. Civilization has abused the privilege of abundant, clean resources of the land, great seas, fresh waterways and the planet’s fragile atmosphere until we are now approaching a point of no return. Regaining a semblance of balance now will require difficult choices and sacrifices. We must each ask ourself: “Am I willing to change my ways today to help to ensure a livable, sustainable home for my all of my grandchildren’s tomorrows?”

This month’s Green Living issue has me in awe of the primal fact that we owe and absolutely must give our Earthly home far greater respect in how we treat everything and everyone on it. Thank goodness people are beginning to understand that the current commerce model that demands continual growth, together with vast depletion and contamination of Earth’s natural resources, is unsustainable. It is reassuring to see more business and community leaders show how a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit proves to be a superior criterion for achieving economic, ecological and social success. This year’s Green Source DFW Environmental Leadership Award winners provide helpful examples of such possibilities for us all to take action (page 23 ).

I am inspired by the people you’ll meet in this month’s issue, including those organizing Earth Day events (see list on page 27). Earth Day has become the world’s largest annual forum for recognizing that this planet itself is our most precious resource and how we treat it is critical to our survival. Although we are just one of God’s magnificent species blessed to live here, we are the only one able to make decisions that affect all our fellow inhabitants. Our own house is a good place to start making changes, including ridding our living spaces of unhealthy elements (page 25).

April’s issue is packed with empowering tips, calendar events and information to inspire everyone in ever more thoughtfully and lovingly caring for earthly home. We have infinite opportunities for improvement.


Bernice Butler, Publisher

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