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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


August 2013 Publisher Letter

Aug 02, 2013 07:01PM

Do you believe in the body’s biological ability to heal itself, or is some other power involved? Who hasn’t at some point in their life viewed their body as operating fairly independently of their thinking and vice versa?  Natural Awakenings readers are likely to have come to realize, or at least suspect, the special if not fully understood, nature of the powerful relationship between their own thinking and health, and they naturally extend that relationship to the larger world.

How fortunate we are to have the very breath and sustaining essence of human life provided by an omniscient God - including all that we need now or will ever need to live healthy, well-balanced, happy and successful lives. Our task is to accept this with open hearts and come to know it so deeply that we see miracles of His daily provision everywhere.

Such seeing lights up possibilities for more naturally healthy and more sustainable living. We turn to organically grown, nutritious whole foods because eating them makes us feel better, weigh less and facilitates normal functioning, free of toxic additives. We can’t wait to exercise our bodies through the normal course of a day, walking, running and stretching that evolves into meditative movement practices. We banish unnatural, toxic substances from our body, mind and home to create a clean, pollutant- and allergen-free atmosphere.

This month’s articles support this view, offering national authorities’ tips on how to eat well on a budget, benefit from natural antibiotics and sanitize our children’s environment, and local expertise in diagnosing and treating body imbalances with safe, non-invasive nutrition-based protocols. Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “Rethinking Cancer,” leads off with pioneering thinkers exploring how much more can be done naturally to successfully prevent and heal cancer. Proven mind-body-spirit approaches give us good hope.

It is vital to have a healthy mind and spirit in place when involved in battling disease, whether for our self or a loved one. Each year, more than 572,000 Americans die of cancer; about one-third of these deaths are linked to poor diet, physical inactivity and carrying too much weight. According to, other than quitting smoking, which is a biggie, here are three key things we can do to reduce the risk of cancer: Achieve and maintain a healthy weight throughout life; stay physically active; and choose healthy foods with a steady emphasis on plant-based foods.

There is plenty we can do to support healthier lives on a healthier planet. Fortunately, accessible resources and solutions have already been provided by our Creator. Our hope is that this issue will give you fresh insights on how to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy naturally, as God intended us to be, for many years to come. Feeling connected with who we spiritually are and empowered to live the purposeful life that contributes to the health of our family, community and the planet keeps us all pointed in a good direction.


Bernice Butler Natural Awakenings Dallas

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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