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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


April 2014 Publisher Letter

You often hear of my passion for a singular message in my publisher letters: Green living is healthy and healthy living is green, and that God has made us and the Earth to be self-sustaining. Everything needed for vibrant health and a safe and thriving environment is already here and both our bodies and the environment are made to be self-healing. The original owner’s manual for both—the Bible’s first chapter of Genesis—depicts how our Creator lovingly created a perfect Earth, beginning with the waters and dry land, and then plants, lights in the sky and seasons, creatures of the sea, birds of the air, and ultimately, mankind, to enjoy and steward this wonderful creation. So how are we doing?

April’s celebration of Earth Day, the largest civic observance in the world, presents a perfect time to pause and ponder this question in a deep and meaningful way. In honor of the occasion, our special Green Living issue is dedicated to our community and our planet. We’ve packed it with empowering tips and inspiring information to aid us all in thoughtfully and lovingly embracing a more Earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

As a fan of Natural Awakenings, it’sprobably fairly safe to conclude that you’re a fan of doing what it takes to provide a livable planet for future generations. This includes everything from supporting natural health and organic farming to using electric vehicles and mass transportation to cleaning indoor air. These are doable steps among the many we talk about each an every month in this magazine.

This month, Crissy Trask’s feature article, “Live Green, Save Big,” disproves the myth that eco-friendly choices are harder on our wallets than conventional options. The accompanying piece, “By the Numbers,” is another eye-opener. And that’s just for starters. Greening up our lives doesn’t have to be a matter of all or nothing, so long as we’re moving in the right direction. “Going green” is a process for each of us. Just as with any major shift, thinking evolves and progress comes in doable steps.

If someone wants to lose weight, for example, they have a better chance of succeeding if they pick a future date to reach a specific goal, and then work backward, articulating where they need to be on a weekly or monthly basis. It works the same way when we want to make any shift with lasting and permanent benefits.

Last year, the Earth Day Network, via, succeeded in signing up more than 1 billion people around the world eager to perform at least one act of green for Earth Day, which is annually observed on April 22. Their 2014 goal is 2 billion people making a commitment. I have pledged to use my car less and take the DART rail line more. What will you commit to doing?

Please join millions of other Natural Awakenings readers across the country in resolving to make increasingly conscious choices, starting today. May this issue inspire us all to get outside more (check out our article on Dallas Sierra Club outings), connect with the bounty our Creator has graciously provided for us and continue on a daily path toward a greener, healthier and more sustainable  lifestyle, committed to taking good care of our health and our environment.


Bernice Butler Natural Awakenings Magazine Dallas

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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