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Sage Advice from Men

May 30, 2014 05:59PM

This month, we celebrate Father’s Day and all the good men in our lives, from brothers, uncles, grandfathers, sons, mentors and special bosses to the invaluable, selfless, men that have “stood tall in the gap” fathering us along the way. I agree with the often asked question, “Why is Father’s Day generally less hardily celebrated than Mother’s Day? Guys too, appreciate expressions of gratitude when we dig deep to articulate what it is about who they are and what they do that moves us to tenderhearted caring.

What most moves me usually involves sage advice, kindly offered, that refocuses me on opportunities and possibilities, encourages me when I’m feeling down and shows me why I shouldn’t take something personally or feel hurt. The good men in my life understand when I’m undervaluing myself and point out why I can be confident.

When I have such heartfelt conversations with my favorite father figure, Ted, who stepped up after my father passed several years ago, I come away feeling smarter, better prepared and inspired to move forward. He doesn’t volunteer to share his opinions on my life’s happenings without being asked, so his perspective is especially cherished. I love how he is easy to talk with; non-judgmental, thoughtful and logical in his explanations of situations I’m dealing with. The questions he asks and his advice often center on my treating others right, doing the right thing and being true and authentic with others, so this public expression of gratitude is overdue. While none of us should need a nudge from a designatedholiday to praise and celebrate the good men in our lives, we can be glad to take this opportunity to do so.

Our June issue is chock full of articles aimed to move us all toward being our best selves and engage with our lives in greater measure. The first step may be through telling our story, working for a larger cause or more avidly embracing a stronger relationship with our “Heavenly Father”. The opportunities are absolutely without limit.

I once thought that the best part of being a publisher would be the ability to chart my own course. But I quickly realized that the real beauty of this role is my ability to serve the magazine’s readers, community supporters and advertisers, as well as the larger mission of showing how healthy living is green living. The whole adventure has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined and I daily am in awe of my part in this divinely appointed mission.

We expect you will resonate with this month’s offerings and as always, would like to hear from you to let us know how well we’re doing.


Bernice Butler, Publisher

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