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Thank You

Nov 02, 2014 12:56AM

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation knew how important it is to give thanks for abundance in their lives. These sturdy pioneers often faced desperate times in adapting to the New World, but in 1621, their first fall harvest was plentiful and together with the native Wampanoags, they decided to celebrate with a three-day feast of gratitude. In that moment, life was good and the settlers trusted God that their ongoing needs would be cared for.

Thus we have the tradition of the Thanksgiving holiday—a time to remember what’s important, to refocus and deliberately celebrate – individually and nationally-  gratitude for our many and wonderful blessings. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not only because it kicks off the two-month season of joyous gatherings of friends and families and delicious food, but it also reminds us of all the good that continually surrounds and supports us.

We always have the opportunity, now and throughout the year, to express our gratitude for not only the good that comes to us, but also for the beauty that we possess and can become.  At any moment, a blessing may arrive in a stranger’s kindness, a luminous sunset, a new-found cure for something, the laughter of friends or the opportunity to be of service to someone. We always have wonders to be thankful for—both big and small; and I have decided that I’m going to get up every morning expecting and looking for them!

Did you know? Experts observe that an attitude of gratitude in and of itself can lead to personal growth, help restore balance and invite even more good things into our life. How encouraging it is that each positive choice and selfless contribution we make ripples out to benefit the rest of God’s creation, joining other expanding ripples in making the world a better place. In her article, “Practice Gratitude and Change Your Life,”April Thompson inspires us anew to the daily practice of thankfulness to shift our thinking and spark positive change.

Judith Fertig’s feature article, “Powerful You! Six Ways to Create the Life You Want,” explores key components for making your life one you are empowered and happy to live. I especially appreciate the importance of taking a thoughtfully devised stand on what we care about as a path of growth and transformation. I also love how countering misguided beliefs we’ve taken on board leads to becoming the best and truest version of our self. In contrast, when we are unconsciously influenced by what others believe and teach us, we tend to live their idea of life, rather than our own. It feels good to be authentic.

This month’s issue is chocked full of little nuggets of wonderfulness. I hope you are inspired by a fresh idea that moves you in a new direction that you can’t wait to make the most of. May we all take new steps toward feeling greatly empowered to live the life that God has created us to have.

A huge, “Thank you,” goes out to our loyal readers, advertisers, distributors and other supporters of Natural Awakenings Dallas. We are grateful you are with us to celebrate another Thanksgiving of serving the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex and North Texas communities.


Bernice Butler, Publisher

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