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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


March 2015 Publisher Letter

We’re pleased to be collaborating with the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas communities to present our first annual Healthy Living Healthy Planet Resource Guide this month. It anticipates Natural Awakenings’ upcoming fifth anniversary serving our region’s loyal advertisers and readers, and all of it is an occasion for gratitude.

As always, praise goes to our Creator, who set me on the path of this wonderful journey. While not always easy, the privilege of publishing this magazine continues to be a life-changing experience. Such a gift of grace requires good stewardship in return. Each day I awake looking forward to seeing what cool new stuff I can learn and pass along from the knowledgeable and interesting people I get to talk to. I’m especially glad these days to be able confer with informed experts on simple ways to realize balance in a busy life.

Thanks always go to our readers, who daily let us know that what we do is of value to you and the ways in which our monthly offerings inspire you to take more responsibility in assuring the health of yourself and family and our home planet We greatly appreciate the encouragement we receive in calls and emails and how you greet us at community events and expos. We thank you for making it a point to stop and patronize our advertisers, without whom this publication would not be possible.

We are grateful for our wonderful advertisers that give us their vote of confidence by partnering with us in many ways to build and grow green, healthy and sustainable infrastructure in the DFW Metroplex. One of our aims as your partner is to continue to innovate, hone our systems and enhance our use of technology to provide an ever-more-effective platform to escalate awareness and word-of-mouth about the robust promise of our region. Promoting our hometown as we all do helps attract people to move here for quality jobs and commerce and stay because it’s a good place to live.

Finally, we extend our thanks to the talented and patient folks who help put this magazine together every month: Kim in layout; Marty and Alison in editing, Citlalli in ad design and those indispensable guys who get the magazine delivered, Rick, Mark and Brent.  

We hope you enjoy and hold onto the offerings in this special issue and use this go-to resource throughout the coming year. Please note that you’ll find this month’s calendar online at; it will be back in these pages next month.


Bernice Butler, Publisher

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