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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Letter from Publisher

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy 2016! I hope you will join me in ushering in this new year with open hearts and minds, generosity of spirit and an ever greater grateful love for our amazing Creator, whose gift of this magnificently abundant Earth enables us to survive and thrive. It all holds such promise of fresh opportunity.

Rather than make New Years’ resolutions, I’ve morphed into pondering my success (or lack thereof) with my family, business, spiritual life and positive impact on others beginning in the latter part of the year. I consider how my personal growth is reflected in new and changing attitudes about life, my place in the world and how I relate to the situations and circumstances of others.

It might be a spectacular or disastrous event that catalyzes this bout of pondering. Either way, I see it as a good thing. As Dennis Merritt Jones points out in his essay, “Key Signs We’re Approaching a Defining Moment," it helps immensely to stay engaged in the moment and be open to making the most of any situation that just might prove to be a pivotal point forward in our life journey. His wise perspective motivated me this year to take a mental step back and review how far I’ve come in learning to be more thoughtful of others and more discerning of their goals and motivations so I can adjust my behavior accordingly. Recognizing such progress within impels me to keep improving.

Another better attitude is feeling more empowered to drive out unwanted fears over global events and claim inner calm, because I realize that how I respond counts. Instead of repeating bad views and voicing complaints I have a responsibility and privilege to be part of the solution. May my thoughtful journal entries, usually prolific during the early part of a new year, continue unabated as I embrace my intention to truly live Emerson’s words.

My prayer for us all is that we stay awake to God’s powerful ever-presence, helping us daily to honor the gift that is life by being the best we can be each day, treating our temple bodies well and being good stewards of Earth’s bounty. We strive to support that for everyone in our community at Natural Awakenings of Dallas-Fort Worth. Thank you for joining us each month in employing the insights shared and making the healthy choices that magnify the good in your own defining moments.


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Bernice Butler, Publisher

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