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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Letter from Publisher

“Oh Summer dear, how quickly you have passed away, and with you my delightful sense of carefree-ness, of being in the present and my sense of being a wild-woman.” I love my new-found sensibility.

For me, wild-womanliness is going to bed past midnight and greeting my desk after 9 a.m. or taking off a few days after sending an issue to the printer. I’m currently contemplating my last summer hoorah and will schedule it the week after Labor Day to avoid holiday crowds.

My great hope as I move into fall’s seasonal ramp-up of commitments is that I can maintain a summer attitude and benefi cial habits of self-nurturance. When I worked with a life coach a couple of years ago, she discerned that my big need is to slow my mental pace. I knew that already, but was impressed that others could see it right away. While I have taken her advice to heart, it still requires renewed intention. As a work in progress, I continue to use two of the tools she shared with me. One is to remember (and remind myself often) that I have value even when I am doing nothing. The other is to center and slow myself down about three times a day by focusing on this prayer:

Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am
Be still and know that I
Be still and know
Be still

It centers me even now as I write it.

I know that people everywhere are feeling hurried and harried, and trust that you fi nd this month’s issue a treasure trove of inspiring ideas to help you maintain a summer state of mind. Carl Greer calls it “sublime living.”This month’s issue focuses on a number of natural modalities from yoga to music that help us relax, care for ourselves and heal. I didn’t realize that humming is actually a form of healing music until I read this month’s feature article by Kathleen Barnes, “Music as Medicine: Music Soothes, Energizes and Heals Us.” I only knew that it helped me relax a bit.

We can learn a lot from others, and are pleased to be able to share the wisdom of local practitioners on the healing aspects of music and movement; both have the ability to lighten our spirits, infuse us with positive vibrations and calm our minds.

Our Natural Awakenings Community Calendar is full of therapeutic events and classes that add to our individual and collective quality of life. Please check out the ads and listings in the September issue and dedicate this fall to realizing a healthier, stress-free you. Don’t forget to have fun at the Texas State Fair, opening at the end of the month, for its annual three-week run.

As always, we hope you fi nd something in these pages that will gently encourage you to live a healthier, greener and ever happier life.


Bernice Signature

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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