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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Katharine Hayhoe Joins Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio on 2/22/2020

Feb 21, 2020 05:19PM ● By Annalise Combs
Katharine Hayhoe joins HLHP Radio on Saturday 2/22/2020 to speak about the climate crisis, energy production, clean energy sources and faith & science. Don't miss her special episode airing at 3 PM CST on 1190 AM KXFR and streaming LIVE on iHeartRadio. 

In the meantime, get a taste of Katharine's magic, by watching her Youtube Channel.

A little bit more about Katharine's channel, Global Weirding: Watch Global Weirding for a look into Climate, Politics, and Religion with Katharine Hayhoe. It is produced by KTTZ Texas Tech Public Media and distributed by PBS Digital Studios. New episodes every other Wednesday at 10 am central.

Brought to you in part by: Citizens' Climate Lobby, Bob and Linda Herscher, Freese and Nichols, Inc, and the Texas Tech Climate Science Center.

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Starring: Katharine Hayhoe
Director: Jonathan Seaborn
Executive Producer: Paul Allen Hunton
Animations: Dusty Deen
Music: Daniel Clayton