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Jan 07, 2020 03:54PM ● By Annalise Combs

Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio  talks with experts on health and environmental issues to help you explore and understand the inextricable relationship between the health of our planet and your health. We look at the hottest and most relevant topics related to our environment and its sustainability and how they affect your health and wellness.

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Safe Landfills are a fairy tale, let us tell you why…

Landfills deeply impact our health and wellness. Landfills are places on land where we put our garbage and other toxic chemicals to keep them out of our environment, but not surprisingly they find their way back into our environment and our bodies. Waste in landfills does not always, in fact often, decompose and as a result produces a huge amount of methane emissions. The USA has the highest methane emissions from landfills. So needless to say, this is not a small problem.

Landfills negatively impact our health: asthma, eye, throat and lung irritation, nausea, headaches and toxic chemical inhalation and may impact cancer, diabetes, and even autism. 

Listen in with expert Kirstie Pecci to unpack what it truly happening in our landfills: plastic barriers breaking down, lacking regulations, the dangerous orderless methane gasses, and leachate and contaminated groundwater.

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