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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Our Collective Journey

I just finished reading two articles from well-respected sources and was immediately struck by how both of them are encouraging us to get to the same place—by two very different vehicles, to be sure, but via similar routes. The first one, “Finding Hope When Things Feel Gloomy,” from the New York Times newsletter Smarter Living, suggests that we control what we can by making “micro-progressions,” or “small actions that communicate respect;” planning “ways to move forward rather than shutting down when stressors come;” and thinking about simple truths—that is, “consciously (noticing) what hasn’t been broken by all the disruption and change.”

The second article, on “mind magic,” explains that when we can turn a negative into a positive, it feels like the Almighty is there right beside us, telling us that we’re being prepared for something important. For me, these articles point to the way forward toward hope and resilience. It gives me a sense of confidence and protection as I travel this journey we are all on right now.

I’ve been reflecting on my Bible study this year, specifically, the Book of Genesis. It has me deeply believing that we humans—having been made in the image of our Creator, imbued with His character and blessed with hope and resilience—can survive and thrive only if we are one with our natural environment because we come from the same source. So I can’t help but think these folks and I must be on to something, albeit in very different ways. 

Also, both these pieces relate to this month’s feature article, “Writing a New World Story that Heals Us and the Planet.” In it, Linda Sechrist posits that a revolutionary new way of viewing the world and our place in it is being woven from emerging movements in the environmental, economic, religious, scientific, political and medical realms. This new story, which is being written by the actions of individuals, organizations and governments, points us to a future that regenerates the natural world and reinforces our essential interconnectedness. 

It feels to me that all roads are leading the same way: to more love for humanity and more recognition of our interdependence—not just on other humans, but on the entire natural world. The inescapable truth is that we can’t move forward without this realization. I can only imagine how liberating it will be when we finally turn the corner together.

As we’ve been saying about almost everything that’s happened in 2020, this Christmas season is going to be different than previous years. The good news is that there’s a whiff of hopefulness in the air—that things are going to get better soon, that the new year will bring some things to be excited about, that our land will heal, that we will collectively be different and better, and that the resilience we know we all have will kick in.

We hope you will dig into and enjoy this month’s issue. It is chock-full of thoughtful, thought-provoking information that will encourage and inspire you to write your part of the emerging new vision of the world where we can all move forward on a collective journey, living healthier lives on a healthy planet.

Until next month and next year,



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