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Letter from Publisher: Celebrating the Mother of Mothers!

Apr 30, 2021 08:30AM ● By Bernice Butler
Fresh off of celebrating Earth Day, April 22, let’s not stop celebrating Mother Earth.  Lets celebrate it along with all other Mothers on May 9. Let us continue to honor, celebrate and give intentional respect, consideration and fore thought about how we treat our planet.  As we plan our  Covid-era family gatherings or our special gifts, trips and experiences for Mom to show her our love and gratitude why not also plan something for Mother Earth; perhaps to plant a tree or other plants, to not throw, drop or otherwise litter her with anything that doesn’t look like her; or not to eat anything that day that is not natural, as she produced it; or not to put anything into the air that adulterates that fresh, sweet, life-giving air that she so faithfully provides for us. Ever wonder why we call her mother earth or by her given name mother nature?  I’m glad you asked, as an exploration of this answer forces us to rediscover  and remember the obvious which we all too often take for granted because it is always there, all around us and always serving us.  Dating back to the most ancient of cultures, probably even to cave dwellers,
mother earth or mother nature has been the obvious personification of the life-giving, life-sustaining and nurturing qualities of our planet; it’s the only one mother of all living organisms who gives you everything you need – just like our other biological mother.  The dictionary defines a mother as the female parent of a child; mothers are women who inhabit or perform the role of bearing some relation to their children, who may or may not be their biological offspring.  It looks like the major difference is the “female parent” part, thus helping to inform us about why our planet is referred to as a she or “mother”.

As well, our instruction manual, the Bible, tells us in the 10 commandments, to honor and love your mother (and father), that your days may be long on the land that God is giving you ( this certainly refers to mother nature too).  A mother’s role in the Bible is one of the key things because a woman brought Jesus Christ to this world. Every mother in the world is similar to Mother Mary from this point of view. Every woman can feel the sacred calling of being a mother and giving birth to another of God’s creation.

As we think about it, mother earth or mother nature is just as important in our lives as your mother and my mother and as we turn more to thinking about our human mother, we see both she and mother nature share many of the same emotional and some of the spiritual qualities of our lives that we value most dearly.  They both nature us and make us feel good, and connected  physically and emotionally.  They both ground us in what’s important and help us become our best selves and most of all, we just like to be in their company – and I could go on and on about the similarities. Yet, hands down we treat our biological or human mothers so much better and more thoughtful than we do our mother earth.  We would not dare trash our precious moms as we do nature or do the things we do to nature that we know facilitates certain death.  So, as we focus in on celebrating this May as women’s health month and look forward to Mothers day, let’s take some cues from our relationships with Mom to develop a better relationship with Mother Nature.

In this months, Women’s Wellness issue, as we look at Women’s Integrative Wellness  we help you examine how to promote optimal health by looking at the whole person leading with natural and complimentary treatments  and protocols combined with traditional medicines.  In her article, Ronica O’Hare looks at Women’s top five health concerns and what to do; offering preventative strategies, as well as new research and medical advances.  We also hope you will take some time to look at our offerings on Homeopathy.  You just may find some information that tracks what you grew up hearing from your grandma or great grandma.  I’m most intrigued by how Homeopathy taps into Gods’ creation design for the earth and man by providing all that we need to survive and thrive – by tapping into the body’s designed ability to heal itself.

Our health briefs this month are chock full of densely packed nuggets of self-care, planet-care and immediately actionable information.  We hear from you all that this is a favorite, so we work hard to them brief and informative.  It is our greatest desire that you will be helped along your way to living your healthiest life on a healthier planet by our offerings.

Blessings until next month,

Bernice Butler, publisher
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