Letter from The Publisher

Bernice Butler

Have you hugged a tree lately or just sat outside, soaking in the sun, smelling the plants and soil and fresh air? This month’s special Green Living issue is dedicated to Creation: our planet and everything God put there, as described in our instruction manual, in the first chapter of Genesis. We’ve packed this issue with tips and information that will inspire and empower you to embrace a more Earth-friendly lifestyle that will keep our planet livable for years to come and enable us and future generations to be our healthiest, most productive selves.

On April 22, more than a billion people will be honoring Earth Day, making it the largest civic observance in the world. Right here in the Metroplex, we’ll be hosting what is said to be the world’s largest Earth Day celebration when EarthX comes to Fair Park April 26 to 28. If you’re wondering how you can get involved in Earth Day locally, check out the North Texas events we spotlight on page 18, and see the back cover for more information about EarthX 2019.

Changing to a more environmentally sound lifestyle may seem like either an overwhelming or unimportant undertaking, but everyone who calls Earth home—and I’m pretty sure that’s every one of us—has a vested interest in caring for it. By taking one new step at a time, we can make significant changes for the good. Every step adds up in helping to honor and protect this unique gift whose ecosystems are the foundation of all life, affecting our daily and long-term well-being and our local and global economies.

If we are to survive and thrive, we need Mother Nature to be at her best, too. Our health and the planet’s are inextricably intertwined: Healthy living is green living, and green living is healthy! Please read and take inspiration from our articles about how we can take steps to protect the Earth—from using sustainable landscaping techniques to powering a home with renewable energy.

In “Native Intelligence: Planting an Eco-Friendly Yard,” (page 26), Avery Mack explains how to find plants that will flourish naturally in our local climate. Landscaping with native plants conserves water, requires less fertilizer and no toxic pesticides, and protects pollinators and other wildlife. To that end, we’re sharing practical insights from experts at some of North Texas’ most prolific garden and landscaping centers. I hope that you will be encouraged to create a beautiful Texas-style yard that blesses at every turn.

In his feature article, “Power Switch: Taking a Home Off the Grid,” Jim Motavalli takes a deep dive into various sources of alternative energy, including costs, technologies and special considerations. In addition, several of our local solar energy companies weigh in on what’s important to know if you’re thinking about powering your home with solar. What comes through loud and clear is that now is the best time to make the switch.

As nature’s appointed stewards, every one of us can make a positive contribution to the environment that benefits us all. We hope this issue of Natural Awakenings will encourage you to adopt the greener, healthier lifestyle we were all created to live. We also hope you will participate in some of this month’s Earth Day events, to see and learn more about how to be a better citizen of Earth. If you come to EarthX, be sure to stop by our booth. We’d love to meet you in person.

Until next month, blessings!




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