Clean Living Comes Easy with Zesty

Green cleaning, organic foods and nature have always been a part of my life,” says Ana Paula Sherrell, co-founder of Zesty Maids. She grew up on a horse farm in Brazil and learned green cleaning when she was a little girl. “My brother had asthma for a short time, and my parents had brought him to the doctor for analysis. The doctor said that it is one of those things my brother would have to live with, plus medicine,” says Ana.

Her mother would not take that for an answer and began eliminating possible triggers. The pets went out the door and only organic food was served; organic sheets put onto the beds, yet the asthma and allergies persisted. Her mother switched to natural cleaning products, such as lemon, vinegar and baking soda, and right away her brother’s symptoms were gone.

“Needless to say, my mom is where the green cleaning thumb that I now have comes from,” says Ana. with the help and encouragement of her husband, Roddy Sherrell, she started up a business called Zesty Maids, a green cleaning company that serves clients throughout the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex.

People are interested in learning about the dangers of harsh chemical cleaners versus the benefits of green cleaning. “The last thing Ana and I want is for someone that works for us to breathe in harsh chemicals,” says Roddy. “Once people learn of the dangers of conventional cleaning products, they realize how bad it is for them and their kids to breathe in.” There are so many green cleaning products on the market that are just as effective as any chemical cleaners. These products do just as good a job, but families don’t have to worry about the dangers of taking a deep breath when they walk into their home after a cleaning.

“When people come in to a home that Ana or her staff has cleaned, they can feel the freshness and feel that Zen that comes from being eco-friendly,” says Roddy. “The smell is totally different – it’s not the kind that makes your eyes water from the ammonia; it’s so nice and relaxing. And since Ana is such a genuine person, there is a peace that is brought upon the space; a big part of the recipe has to do with her loving approach.”

On top of the feel-good effects, green cleaning is found to reduce the risk of asthma, and allergens for humans and pets. It can also improve indoor air quality by eliminating toxic chemicals and gases, and lower the environmental impact.

“My staff is extremely important to me and they work hard to reflect our image,” says Ana. “The staff’s goals and dreams are just as important as mine, and if we as a company can help them to get to where they want to be, that is what we will do.” The Sherrells ensure that the staff is paid a fair wage that they can live on and be happy. They are all trained as if they own the business, and in the future, if Zesty Maids decides to franchise, these individuals have the option to either train future owners or become owners. 

“I wanted to do something to give back to the community for being so good to me,” says Ana. “I knew I wanted the business to be a positive impact in terms of creating jobs, helping people and being good for the environment. I am extremely grateful to all of my clients and their referrals.” On the company website, there is also a regularly updated blog filled with green cleaning tips.


For more information, call 214-256-3600 or visit


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