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Hats Off to Rising Women

This month, we cheer Linda Sechrist’s groundbreaking article “Heart-Based Leadership, Women Mobilize to Heal the World.” I’m in awe of women throughout history that have championed a cause, succeeding against all odds by applying a steadfast vision, grit and persistent effort. They usually come to it not because of some master plan or world-shaking inspiration; most are moved to stand for societal change because they tired of unfair treatment, chose to do something well that they enjoy or rose to the occasion from necessity born of experience.

It’s spurred me to renew my appreciation of the amazing women God has put in my path to guide, inspire, teach and warn me. It began with Mom, the rock of Gibraltar for our family and other spheres graced by her positive energy. Dependable, nurturing, encouraging, strong and God-fearing, she’s produced a legacy of changed minds, lives and places. As her pace slows, it’s become my turn to step up to encourage and take care of her while carrying forward such good works. The Holy Spirit has been promised to guide me—and I must let it.

I’m also daily blessed by the fascinating women doing incredible things that I meet and work with through publishing this magazine. My favorite question is, “How did you come to embrace this particular cause, product or service?” The answers are my lifeblood; such men and women open up my mind, comprise valued friendships, illumine life and grant me extraordinary knowledge.

One favorite story is Jen Cafferty’s; she founded the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Chicago that’s expanded to seven U.S. cities, plus the Gluten-Free Media Group. It all began because her entire family suffered from food sensitivities, including their pet. Another story evolved when Shelly Jackson, owner of The Salt Cave Southlake, discovered that salt therapy provides relief for her daughter’s allergies. Our Natural Awakenings advertising partners routinely share such tales of how personal challenges have resulted in healing for multitudes.

We are celebrating women everywhere who mother others and our world. The grandest of them all, Mother Earth, likewise deserves our love and respect, for without her bountiful loving, we could not exist. The Women’s March on Washington in January has prompted an explosion in activities by women’s organizations working to empower women to take control of their future. The next logical evolution is to March for Mother Earth, the beloved we all rely upon to stay healthy and take care of us.

I trust that each month you find something in these pages that illumines your path, improves life and prompts a personal shift toward an ever more healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

To progress in healing our world,

Bernice Butler, Publisher


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