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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Cultivating Change

Bernice Butler

August is a pivotal period for me. Historically. it’s when I lament things I intended to get done over the summer, realize I have only a few weeks before autumn obligations begin and must decide to eliminate, alter or defer tasks and projects—except for vacation.

My vacation is as necessary as an annual physical exam or car inspection. It’s not a luxury, but a requirement to assure proper functioning of body, mind and spirit. Even our instruction manual, the Bible, calls for us to rest on the Sabbath and take a Sabbatical every seventh year. I like to keep an open heart instead of outlining for God what that looks like.

Although my children have grown up, like many others, my schedule still operates around the school year. My church is preparing for our back-to-school festival and Children’s Church program. My gym is posting its fall hours and classes. Stores advertise back-to-school sales for all ages and the mayor’s back-to-school expo has been announced. It affects us all, especially in the world of parenting.

Everything seems to be geared toward greater activity, scheduling and stuff. To make life easier, Deborah Shouse’s feature article, “Simplified Parenting,” admonishes the opposite—basically that less of everything except love means more happiness for all (page 20).

Another featured article this month, “Multilevel Healing: Embracing All Dimensions of Well-being,” by Linda Sechrist, has me thinking at a broader level about how almost every person and situation is multidimensional (page 24. As children, we think and behave as though life is one-dimensional and linear, but as we grow in experience and wisdom, we learn that this view does not lead to happiness and success.

Dr. Wayne Jonas, author of How Healing Works, posits that only 20 percent of healing comes from the treatment agent the doctor applies and a full 80 percent of the healing potential that lies dormant in everyone comes from constructing a meaningful treatment response unique to the individual. As I apply this theory to aspects of my being other than health, I find it rings true, yet again attesting to Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule. 

I’m adopting Jonas’ view: “We are more like a garden to be cultivated than a car to be fixed.” This year, I aim to consciously cultivate good health, a calmer and stress-free lifestyle and enhanced relationships. Thinking this way feels easier, more achievable and enjoyable.

We also take a look at stem cell therapy, which regularly prompts inquiries for information. On page 16, Pamela Smith, of the local Healing Sanctuary Institute, discusses the most useful types of cells and delivery methods.

It’s our hope that you find this issue helpful and are encouraged to take action toward living your best life.


Bernice Butler, Publisher



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