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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Apr 30, 2020 07:44PM ● By Annalise Combs

Toxins in the environment can wreak havoc on our health. Scientific studies demonstrate that the average person receives approximately 100,000 oxidative hits to their DNA (per cell) every single day. Over time, that adds up to a lot of bio-stressors that our cells are exposed to. Typical environmental stressors include pollution and unsafe food production. Exposure to these toxins can threaten the body’s immune health. The natural world is filled with immune-supporting botanicals that can recharge and boost the body’s natural defenses against environmental toxins. 

Nucleotides: The basic building blocks of every cell in the body, it takes six billion to build one single cell. When we are healthy, our bodies stores nucleotides for future use. After infection, surgery or trauma, we use them to repair cells. When we are stressed, these nucleotide stores become exhausted, leaving the body struggling to keep up with cellular repair. Supporting the body with supplemental nucleotides can promote healthy protein synthesis, energy production and immune system health.

Garlic: A delicious addition to meals, this herb has a reputation for natural healing. When raw garlic is crushed or chewed, the compound alliinase is naturally released, which then is converted allicin, a powerful immune support compound. It supplies antioxidants and can even help reduce inflammation. Consuming a high-quality garlic supplement may be an excellent way to help ward off a broad range of pesky illnesses. 

Vitamin C: One of the best-known immune support agents, natural vitamin C supplies substantial antioxidant support to the body. This critical vitamin helps to manage a healthy inflammatory response and facilitates neurotransmitter formation. Many vitamin C products contain only chemicalized ascorbic acid powder, so it is important to seek out naturally sourced vitamin C that contains a wide array of phytonutrients, including tannins, flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds. It can boost blood antioxidant levels, help the body fight free radicals, support cellular health and wellness, and even shorten the length of respiratory and systemic infections. 

Zinc: A deficiency in zinc can cause immune dysfunction and an interruption to immune function. It facilitates communication with ligands, which then bind to immune cells and play a key role in complex cell signaling. Researchers estimate that about one-third of the world’s population is zinc deficient. That means that lowered immune function due to zinc deficiency is common. Many supplements on the market are formulated using poor sources such as zinc oxide or zinc carbonate, which are poorly absorbed by the body. Look for a formula that provides a superior form such as zinc sulfate heptahydrate, an easily absorbable, hydrated form.

Fermented Mushrooms: Medicinal mushrooms have been a treasured part of Eastern diets for centuries, as they support immune function by providing robust phytonutrients called polysaccharides. These naturally-occurring agents promote the activation of the immune system. Studies have shown that maitake, shitake and reishi mushrooms significantly improve immune system function by increasing natural killer cell activity. One of the best ways to consume mushrooms is by taking a fermented powder. Fermentation easily boosts the mushroom’s natural immune compounds, making them easier to digest. In addition, releasing the mushroom’s nutritional payload through fermentation breaks down the chitin in the cell walls and provides postbiotic metabolites to further support immune health. 

Adopting a comprehensive nutritional program, including immune-supporting botanical agents, is one of best ways to support the immune system from daily environmental invaders. There is no better time than now to start.

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