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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

It has been well established that the myriad products and processes which comprise our modern world have unintended byproducts or consequences that take a toll on public health in both obvious and subtle ways. As we learn more about their causes and remedies, a plethora of scientific research continues to provide valuable clues and information. But the ensuing glut of data can be daunting, and a simple, introductory roadmap is required for further inquiry.

by Phyllis Gee

What toxins are doing to us

·   Weight gain

·   Hormone imbalance

·   Fatigue and poor energy

·   Sleep disturbance

·   Inflammation and joint pain

·   Chemical sensitivity

·   Mood disorders and anxiety

·   Gut disorders

·   Autoimmunity

·   Allergies

·   Body odor

·   Bad breath

Where our toxins are hiding

·   Food

·   Water

·   Air

·   Cosmetics

·   Hair products

·   Cleaning products

·   Body products

·   Perfumes and colognes

·   Pesticides

How we can facilitate detoxing

·   Lymphatic massage

·   Red light therapy

·   Deep tissue massage

·   Sauna

·   Steam

·   Colonic therapy

·   Dry skin brushing

·   Aromatherapy baths

·   Exercise

·   Deeper sleep

Why we should consider active detoxification

·   Clear out excess toxins and  waste your body may have stored

·   Boost your body’s immune system and help reduce inflammation

·   Clear the body of heavy metals and other pollutants

·   Reduce fatigue and improve sleep

·   Assist with balancing hormone levels

·   Enhance the body’s ability to lose weight

·   Improve vitamin and mineral absorption

·   Help to improve mood and decrease irritability

·   Reduce gastrointestinal disturbances and food sensitivities

·   Restore the body’s own natural detoxification ability

Phyliss Gee, M.D. is a board-certified gynecologist practicing in Dallas since 1986, as well as founder and medical director of Willowbend Health & Wellness. In Plano. For more information, visit