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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Lime Rider Service Gives Back

Lime is a transportation service that empowers riders with affordable, sustainable shared transportation options that reach every neighborhood. By partnering with local communities to deploy fleets of free-floating bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters, Lime makes active transportation more convenient and equitable for residents and visitors while helping cities fight car congestion. Lime operates in more than 100 communities around the globe, offering industry-leading data transparency and Lime Access discounts for disadvantaged communities.

Lime has partnered with Austin Street Center as a Lime Hero recipient, which allows riders to opt into a donation program where a portion of their ride fare will go to a local nonprofit organization. Lime Hero is the first of its kind in the micro mobility industry and has the potential to make a significant and powerful impact by raising awareness of nonprofit organizations. Lime has hit a record 2 million rides in Dallas.

In 2018, Austin Street Center served more than 3,000 unduplicated clients, a sharp increase by almost 200 percent from 2015. Austin Street Center works toward the goal of every man and woman gaining their independence and finding a home of their own. Over the past three years, Dallas’ unsheltered homeless population has grown more than 260 percent, and this trend is expected to continue.

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