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Benefits Available When Needed with FABA

Oct 31, 2019 08:40PM
Many people have been convinced by large corporations that we must practice healthcare a certain way, such as the traditional model of buying expensive insurance with high deductibles. People have been migrating to healthcare sharing organizations for major medical coverage at the rate of 1.2 million by the end of 2018, but for routine minor medical needs, the first option is still pay-as-you-go, just as with vehicle maintenance.

The second option is a discount program with access to participating providers, and the most popular model is membership with a monthly fee. However, that does not favor those with infrequent healthcare needs.

The FABA Group has been helping clients for the last several years with a new paradigm shift from traditional health insurance plans to healthcare sharing and from direct primary care to direct provider care. Healthcare is not just about one provider; but many different providers that make up an overall wellness and maintenance program.

The best direct pay program should have a grouping or multiple provider approach in the membership plan. Unlike the use-it-or-lose-it model, it should accrue credits for benefits that can be used when needed.

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