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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Urban Forestry in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth City Council is partnering with the Texas Trees Foundation to create the first Fort Worth Urban Forestry Master Plan. Fort Worth is the oldest and longest-running Tree city USA in Texas, a designation the city first received in 1978. Mayor Mattie Parker says, "Taking the initiative to create a Fort Worth Urban Forestry Master Plan is a perfect next step in our efforts to protect cherished natural amenities that residents will enjoy for generations to come."

A comprehensive report will evaluate current urban forest resources and city policies and ordinances relative to the urban forest, recommend appropriate strategies to sustain and enhance the urban forest and provide methods to measure progress, while addressing the numerous urban forestry elements throughout Fort Worth now and in the future. Several elements of the plan include identifying strategic partners interested in investing in the growth of the urban forest, identifying priority planting and preservation areas, reassessing the current citywide tree canopy goal and recommending amendments to the Urban Forestry Ordinance.

Janette Monear, CEO of Texas Trees Foundation, notes, "Our foundation has a vision of creating a cleaner, greener, cooler and healthier Texas. For 40 years, we have focused our mission on impacting the city of Dallas, and we are deliJune2ghted to now be branching out into the city of Fort Worth to spotlight the importance of urban forestry and tree benefits." Along with the city's $50,000 contribution using Tree Fund collections, the Texas Trees Foundation will bring a minimum of $250,000 to the project.

The Texas Trees Foundation has served as a catalyst in creating reimagined green spaces through research-driven projects and programs such as their Cool Schools Program and NeighborWoods Program.

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