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Bruce Boyd Uses Whole Person Approach to Fitness

Wellness and performance coach Bruce Boyd, founder of 4 Infinite Life, works with children, adults and seniors. His holistic approach serves people of all abilities and skill levels, including those with special needs and professional athletes.

He emphasizes that fitness is about much more than just physical health, saying, "A holistic approach is all about optimal performance in life—physical, mental and spiritual fitness," He tutors his clients in mediation, yoga, Pilates, resistance training, functional training, athletic training and physical therapy.

Boyd began his career as a fitness professional in 1983 at the Hermann Park recreation center, in Houston, where he taught a fitness class and formed a walking group for the elderly. After moving to Dallas, he taught aerobics at Cooper Aerobics Center and started offering personal training for individuals and groups.

Boyd emphasizes that optimal performance considers mental and emotional attitudes, nutrition, rest and environment. In addition to leading classes and one-on-one wellness and performance sessions at 4 Infinite Life, his in-home personal training sessions serve clients that want convenience and privacy. "Working out at home benefits people that don't like to be in an environment with others while working out," he says. Boyd notes other advantages to home workouts, as well, seeing a client's home setting, can help him assess any disadvantages that can hinder a client's success.

"Environmental wellness is critical," he points out. Good and bad habits are all contagious; he encourages those launching a wellness and performance journey to surround themselves with positive, supportive people with healthy mindsets and habits. He also advises soothing music, because aggressive music feeds the subconscious and may lead to anxiety and stress.

Environmental toxins such as mold, lead or asbestos sometimes found in older homes can also hinder overall well-being. Boyd recommends an air purification system. Home personal training visits allow him to see a client's food choices and can work with them to switch to healthier, nutritional foods.

Boyd teaches that home personal training does not require costly or bulky fitness equipment. "When working out in your everyday, natural space, I can train people to use bands, a ball or even a chair for a total workout. Many workouts can be done with just your body weight. It ignites creativity, and I can also recommend ways to work out in the home between our training sessions."

Boyd shares that he meets people where they are in life and strives to dispel misconceptions regarding rigid, "boot camp" style personal training seen on TV and in movies. He calls his approach "feedback commodity", in which he evaluates a person's movement, balance, health, joints and past injuries, their fitness and wellness goals and how they plan to achieve those goals. "I strive to inspire you from the inside-out," he explains. "I consider your mindset and movement, and where you want your fitness level to be in one to three years. I then have clients write out their goals and what they're willing to give up to acquire that goal."

Often, people head into a new year with an eager readiness to tackle ambitious fitness goals, but lose sight of that plan just a few months later. Boyd recommends viewing wellness and performance as an investment in the self. If they can afford it, paying upfront for several months of fitness sessions or classes can help stick to a regimen. Having an accountability partner can also be a motivating factor. "But ultimately, how bad do you want optimal performance in fitness and in life?" Boyd asks. "I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions. If you want to start something, start your 'new you' anytime."

4 Infinite Life is located at 1033 Quaker St., in Dallas. For more information, call 214-402-3539 or visit

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