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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Cleaner Water for North Texas

The construction of Bois d'Arc Lake, owned and operated by the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), was recently completed, adding a reliable source of essential, safe drinking water to the North Texas region and brings enhanced environmental benefits to Fannin County. The owns and operates Bois d'Arc Lake. While many residents in the region are familiar with the upcoming recreational opportunities and economic boosts the lake will bring to Fannin County, there are other significant water quality safeguards and environmental benefits. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accepted the NTMWD Watershed Protection Plan that outlines a strategy to implement management measures to help improve and protect water quality in the watershed.

Care was taken to restore thousands of acres of natural habitat, returning them to their original, pre-agricultural condition. More than 6.3 million saplings were planted, transitioning large portions of the 15,000 acres at Riverby Ranch back to forested conditions. NTMWD partnered with Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), renowned for its environmental restoration expertise nationwide. RES will remain onsite for decades to monitor natural growth, manage invasive species and maintain the property to promote healthy habitats for plants, fish and animals. In addition, the project enhanced 8,500 acres of wetlands, planted 3,200 acres of native grassland and restored 70 miles of streams.

Although Bois d'Arc Lake is not yet open for public recreation, NTMWD is committed to supporting economic growth around the lake without compromising the collective environmental resources.

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