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Heart Health and Homeopathy

Being a system of medicine that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 200 years, homeopathic medicines work very well with issues regarding the heart. It is important to know up front that there are more than 5,000 homeopathic medicines available, none of which have ever been recalled. However, homeopathy is no cookie-cutter approach to things. What works for person “X” may or may not work for person “Y”, even though they both may be complaining about the same issue. But there may be likely other issues going on that must also be taken into account that will guide the homeopath to the remedies most appropriate for each person.

Individualized medicine is the keynote to the energetic medicine of homeopathy, which is inherently safe, nontoxic medicine working on an energetic basis that will not negatively interact with anything conventional. Homeopathic medicines are not herbs or oils, they are specially and specifically made from plant, animal and mineral substances, getting to the individual energies these each produce.

The heart is of ultimate importance to the body and must be well taken care of. If anyone is concerned about any issue regarding or happening with their heart, unless they already know homeopathy and the homeopathic approach, they should not begin now to explore things homeopathic for this. Consult directly with a homeopath, or if the need is urgent, with a cardiac specialist. If currently taking any conventional medicine for a heart condition, do not do anything regarding this medication without first consulting the prescribing doctor.

Heart health is best thought of and approached as a priority at any stage of life. Homeopathic repertories are key consulting books for homeopaths that are generally thousands of pages long. These have many pages devoted to heart/cardiac health and symptoms that can be produced when the heart is not functioning at its fullest capacity. Heart issues homeopathic medicines are known to help withatrial fibrillation, bradycardia, fluttering, murmuring, hypertension (high blood pressure), angina, myocarditis and more.

Several homeopathic remedies that come up consistently for heart issues include those made from the hawthorn berry, certain cactus, certain fish and even gold and common salt, and many, many more.

Activity and healthy eating are openly recommended for heart health. Avoid GMOs and artificial anything in food (including colorants, sweeteners, preservatives). Remember when buying foods, the fewer the ingredients the better, and if we don’t know what is listed as an ingredient is, it is likely best to avoid it. Eat well and eat less. Drink plenty of good, whole (preferably non-chlorinated and non-fluoridated) water. Know that sedentary habits do not encourage the heart to remain constantly strong. Get up and walk around, if even just a little bit, several times through the day—our heart is worth it.

Dr. Cathy May Lemmon is a homeopath and founder and director/president of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice for Disease Prevention. She specializes in the use of the nontoxic immunization option known as homeoprophylaxis, as well as the homeopathic treatment of vaccine damage. She provides complete training in homeoprophylaxis for healthcare practitioners.