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Sustainability Summit at Eastfield College

Sep 30, 2019 09:00AM
Last year, the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) began exploring the social justice aspects of sustainability by hosting several events designed to spark conversations and ideas among students and employees. A 2019 DCCCD Sustainability Summit from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., November 8, at Eastfield College, will address solving climate change and creating a cleaner, healthier and safer world that works for everyone. “Although these problems are complex and the goals are audacious, everyone in the community can be a part of solving issues related to sustainability,” says Georgeann Moss, Dallas DCCCD executive administrator of sustainability. “For Dallas County residents to survive and thrive, we need a strong economy, a healthy environment and the peace of mind that comes from feeling safe in our communities.”

This year’s theme is Sustainability as a Social Justice Practice: Developing Resilient Strategies. The purpose is two-fold: provide information and resources to community members that want to learn about sustainability and inspire participants to become active in the quest to achieve sustainability in Dallas County. Ian Garrett, an associate professor at York University, in Toronto, will deliver the keynote address. His expertise is sustainability in arts and culture.

DCCCD uses and supports the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( as a teaching and learning framework, with special emphasis on quality education, an end to poverty, zero hunger, decedent work and economic grown, reduced inequalities as well as peace, justice and strong institutions.

Admission is free and the public is invited, but registration at by Nov. 4 is required to receive a complimentary lunch. Location: 3737 Motley Dr., Mesquite.


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