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Personal Transformation Through Reconnective Healing

During the 1990s, Los Angeles-based Doctor of Chiropractic Eric Pearl had unknowingly tapped into a unique form of healing while working with his patients. Reconnective Healing (RH), as it is now known, is a non-physical, energetic approach that helps people discover a natural healing capacity that lies within us all.

Rob Koenig, co-director of The Reconnection, LLC, an organization founded by Pearl, states that Reconnective Healing helped him access heightened states of awareness, a profound sense of connection to others and the true essence of his being. “This new access point has changed everything for me,” he says. “I knew instantly that I wanted to share this newfound awareness with the world.”

Considered neither a therapy nor a treatment, Koenig explains that the RH experience helps to unlock our natural capacity to return to balance and harmony on all levels through a resonance with naturally occurring frequencies of energy, light and information. “Unlike most allopathic and traditional healing approaches which endeavor to ‘fix’ something or focus on perceived challenges or limitations, with RH, we bring our attention to the reservoir of well-being that exists within each of us, just below the surface of our body-mind experience.”

During an RH session, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table as the practitioner begins to tune in and interact with the RH frequencies present within and around them. The client is invited to simply observe, notice and experience what shows up in their awareness. These experiences may include deep states of relaxation, a variety of physical sensations, new insights and awareness and/or shifts in states of consciousness.

Ultimately, Koenig says, the process helps us access a wellspring of well-being that exists within all of us, and allows it to rise to the surface so we can experience more balance and harmony in our lives.

Reconnective Healing differs from other forms of energy work such as reiki or qigong in that it doesn’t involve the learning of complex techniques, rituals or steps. It can also be practiced anytime, anywhere and by anyone; regardless of age, background or belief system. Koenig emphasizes that RH is not a faith-based approach to healing.

“In RH, the facilitator does not send energy from one place to another as a conduit for healing, as many healing practices suggest, but instead steps into a state of receiving and becomes a catalyst for the healing experience. We also release the concept of protecting ourselves from negative energy. The RH experience allows us to put aside the illusion that we need to protect ourselves through fear-based rituals which separate us from one another. Instead, it embraces a consciousness of love and connection.

Koenig’s upcoming conference, The Catalyst Live Immersion Program, will provide an in-depth, immersive RH training experience. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore accessing their full potential to become powerful catalysts of healing in their own lives and for others. There will be a combination of practical exercises on chairs and massage tables for people to personally experience and facilitate RH themselves, along with discussions and Q&A sessions. Pearl will be a guest throughout the weekend, alongside his partner, Jillian Fleer, head of insight and development for The Reconnection, LLC.

“It is an opportunity for people to come together with others that all share one common trait—they are ready for the next step in their personal evolution and to be a source of inspiration for the world,” Koenig says.

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Catalyst Live Immersion

The Catalyst Live Immersion Program Dallas takes place April 23 and 24 at The Westin Galleria Dallas, 13340 Dallas Parkway, in Dallas. To register, visit