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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Oral Health Linked to Nutrition

Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry

Josh Rowell, DDS

5050 Quorum Dr., Ste 300, Dallas

972-458-2464 •

Rowell, a native of Waco, is an accredited member of IAOMT and SMART certified. He loves children and offers treatment in most cases for ages 6 and up, using the same holistic practices provided for his adult patients. The practice does not promote the use of fluoride or unnecessary X-rays on these most precious members of society.

Services offered: a unique blend of care, chair-side comfort and the most advanced procedures available in modern dentistry today. It is our mission to offer the cleanest, most holistic treatment options and dental care products for you and your family while doing so in a safe, relaxing environment.

Areas of specialty: Rejecting the use of mercury (amalgam) fillings and products containing fluoride. Appreciating the relationship between oral problems and the digestive system, the heart, chronic headaches, and even your sleep patterns.

Philosophy of healing: The state of your oral health is influenced by nutritious eating habits and the removal of certain foods from your diet.



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