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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Keeping it Clean and Green

Eco Friends Organic Pest Control believes that green is better. Lin Ellis says, "Our clients return because we aren’t worried about profit. We don't require them to sign a contract. We want to educate first and make sure they are satisfied! We return as promptly as possible should they have any problems after treatment. We won’t give up until their problem is resolved. We make sure they know we are there for them." She is a licensed and certified applicator through the Texas Department of Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management-certified through the state of Texas.

"I share any info I have on anything organic and green. This includes landscaping, gardening, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, organic foods, etc.," says Ellis. "I make enough household items to share with my clients to help them be organic and green. I grow my own organic herbs and vegetables, plus raise my own chickens. We are not just pest control. I have met many people who provide organic or green products I can direct my clients to."

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