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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Luv UR Health Launches

New technologies will be showcased at the Fourth Changing Life & Destiny Conference being staged in Plano  on April 28 through 30. On Friday, up to 30 Masterclass Workshops will be offered by world-renowned master experts on topics such as The Common Denominator of Disease, How to Recharge Your Cells, Lymphatic Drainage vs. Detox, and Identifying and Remediating Mold Toxins in Your Home.

Friday night, the Luv UR Health Movement will be officially launched at the black-tie dinner, with campaigns that will engage society. On Saturday and Sunday, up to 130 technologies, products, and programs will be showcased in the exhibit hall for attendees to explore and experience.

Health and wellness professionals and practitioners are invited to attend the conference to decide which of these amazing technologies would fit into their practice and business to benefit their patients and clients. Health-conscious consumers are invited to see what treatments and solutions they need for their own health journey.

A post-COVID society needs to start thinking differently about health, and people are actively searching for alternative solutions. The traditional approach of seeing a doctor once a year for a 10-minute visit, a blood test and a suggested drug is outdated and reactive. The importance of becoming proactive with health in order to address health imbalances before disease conditions set in is clear, but our healthcare system has yet to evolve to a preventative model.

While more people are beginning to see the importance of prevention and taking control of health, many do not actually put it on their to-do list. Many people say family, pets, cars and homes are their most important priorities are in life—health is too often down the list, but without our health, we cannot love—and with very poor health, life becomes more expensive. However, with the advancement of cutting-edge health technologies, society can become proactive as opposed to reactive, and more people can access life-changing modalities.

Example of these technologies include a device that can help improve lymphatic drainage for healthy immune function, a blood test that can determine the likelihood of a heart attack in the next 12 months, a simple gadget that will pinpoint the likelihood of mold in a home or office, and a natural supplement that can increase the body's stem cell production.

Not enough people know about these technologies and how to access them. That is why a movement with the focus of getting people to understand how they can love their health is being launched. As part of the movement, clinicians are invited to become Top Technology HPs (health practitioners), which identifies them as a practitioner that is leveraging the latest and greatest technologies in their protocols to help people restore health, prevent disease and promote wellness. Health-conscious consumers will be able to better access these practitioners and their programs via the movement.

For registration and more information, call 323-786-7400 or visit