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Whole Body Chiropractic Opening New Richardson Location

A fourth Whole Body Chiropractic Richardson office will opening soon at 101 South Coit Road, Suite 30. The doctors that currently practice with the Whole Body Chiropractic group are David Bynum, DC, and Cody Academia, DC, at the Bynum Chiropractic Addison ; Alfredo Flores III and Brent Money, DC, at Whole Body Chiropractic Plano location; and Troy Sebo, DC, at Whole Body Chiropractic Allen. Andrew Etuk, DC, will be the chiropractor at the new Richardson location. “We are very excited to expand chiropractic care in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Dr. Etuk is honored to serve patients in Richardson,” Bynum enthuses.

Patient care will be consistent at all four offices. Bynum explains that their chiropractors are specially trained in many techniques and they have a unique method of analysis based on a neurological model. He explains, “It’s particularly effective and gets dramatic results with frozen shoulder, a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder, often resulting in loss of motion. We often see these dramatic results in Bell’s palsy, insomnia, fibromyalgia and other conditions.”

The chiropractors at Whole Body Chiropractic treat post-surgical cases, chronic pain and scoliosis. They also take many personal injury cases, which Bynum notes helps introduce people to chiropractic that might not have considered it otherwise. “We have gentle, safe and effective techniques to perform on someone that’s just been in a car accident.”

When the body is misaligned, pain is often the last thing people experience before more serious pathologies arise, Bynum explains. As chiropractors, they treat the spine and entire nervous system that controls the body. “If we get the nervous system dialed in, it can regulate everything else and get your body into a state of balance to heal itself.”

Because most patients that visit chiropractors are experiencing some degree of pain, the staff at all Whole Body Chiropractic locations are trained to get straight to the root of the problem while focusing on friendly, compassionate and empathetic care for every person that walks through their door.

“We believe love is very healing, and we treat everyone with ultimate respect. From our front desk staff to our chiropractors, we strive to give patients the best odds to heal at every level,” Bynum affirms. Their group frequently hears from patients that they feel like family during their visits.

Some people need chiropractic adjustments more than once per week, so the Whole Body Chiropractic staff strives to be as flexible as possible and accommodate patients’ busy schedules. Convenient mobile app scheduling is also available. “We focus on a holistic approach with a vitalistic philosophy,” Bynum shares. “We’re grateful, honored and privileged to serve people, and we make that a part of our mantra.”

Whole Body Chiropractic is located at 2233 W. 15th St., Plano, 469-931-2226; 4833 Keller Springs Rd., Addison, 972-733-1014; and 1201 E. Main St., Ste. 240, Allen, 214-528-1900. For more information, visit and

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