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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Wellness Travel Retreats and Resorts for North Texans

We all need a break from work and domestic chores to rest and recharge, but sometimes weekends are not enough. There is a time-honored tradition of annual vacations to relax and recuperate, but even then there is the risk of travel, entertainment and family activities creating stress instead of peace. Instead, consider a destination with the prime intent of healing and regaining well-being physically and mentally in a setting created for that very purpose.

Rancho Cortez

872 Hay Hollar Rd, Bandera


Rancho Cortez owners Larry and Mary Cortez saw the potential of the property quickly. She says, “The beautiful Texas Hill country offers such magnificent hiking opportunities, and a small gym and indoor pool for having more opportunities for working out. We offer people the opportunity to get away from their personal lives a bit to work on their health and well-being without the distractions of everyday life… to enable them to immerse themselves in our rustic, back-to-natural surroundings.”

The focus at Rancho Cortez is for guests to concentrate on themselves, the surroundings, activities and no-nonsense, made-from-scratch meals. Much of the menu has been designed by a registered dietitian that is available for nutrition classes and dinner demonstrations. Most recipes are available for guests to take home.

Bandera calls itself being “the cowboy capital of the world”, is known for Western hospitality.  Next to the ranch is also the 5,500-acre Hill Country State Natural Area which guests are free to explore.

The weekly schedule of activities ranges from hikes to guided classes in the workout gym. There are no treadmills, stair climbers, or ellipticals, but free weights, balls and bands for enhancing work outs. Classes include tabata, HIIT, strength, yoga, stretch, water aerobics and combinations designed by instructors for the guests.

Mary observes that guests receive the satisfaction of having their prescription medications reduced, feeling better in their clothes, losing weight and enjoying freer movement from joints that have hindered their activities for some time. She says, “ Some like to journal their stay, some visit with the different trainers that offer suggestions to carry home with them and many like to have copies of our recipes.”

Miraval Austin

13500 Farm to Market Rd. 2769, Austin


At Miraval Austin, luxurious well-being destinations are designed to help create a life in balance through mindfulness. With pioneering programs, exclusive spa treatments, nourishing cuisine and world-class wellness specialists, guests can live their best life.

Jamail says, “Travel is so important for your well-being. It allows for you to reset, recharge, and self-reflect. Since we are located in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, this pristine natural environment is guaranteed by law to stay that way. Of Miraval Austin’s 280-plus acres, 170 will never be developed. That means endangered birds like the golden-cheeked warbler, which nest here (and only here) each year, can continue to make our oasis their own. We also allow people to be fully present to themselves, as we are a digitally mindful resort. This form of mindfulness allows somebody the opportunity to disconnect.”

Miraval Austin is surrounded by flowering bluebonnets, blanket rolling hills, juniper trees blooming with bright berries and Cypress Creek babbles through the farm. Guests can wander along meandering trails that hug the hills, while intentional architecture makes the natural surroundings easy to appreciate from within the built environment.

They offer an extensive menu of daily workshops, classes, lectures and activities, many of which are non-fee based. Guests can choose from hundreds of life-enriching options, from equine and outdoor adventure experiences to yoga, meditation and breathwork.

“Being a part of bringing the Miraval Resorts mission to life fills my love tank,” says General Manager, Sheri Muskin. “Our colleagues share their gifts to help others create balance to live their best lives. To bear witness to this and see the impact of self-connection is something that we all take comfort in.”

Rest Yourself River Ranch

133 Seybold Rd, Mineral Wells


Located in Mineral Wells, the newly proclaimed Wellness Capital of Texas, nonprofit Rest Yourself River Ranch allows visitors to indulge in many outdoor recreation opportunities such as a state park, local lakes and along the Brazos River. There is also have the historic Famous Water Company in town where guests can drink the mineral water that for decades has said to have health benefits.

Bridgett Shelton, General Manager says, “Travel allows you to be in the present and experience the current interactions. Mindfully selecting a place that forces you to disconnect from the hustle-bustle encourages the soul to rejuvenate and retore. Depositing into yourself, if even for a shortest of time, will allow more to withdraw from when you get back to the office. The greatest satisfaction for me is to see what connecting to nature and to yourself can do to an individual overnight. When guest check in, they often say, ‘I'm looking forward to this,’ or, ‘I need this,’ and when they check out they boast about how refreshed they feel and how great it was disconnect for the night.”

The Retreat Ranch

1643 CR 403, Marble Falls


At The Retreat Ranch, a philosophy of well-being is deeply rooted in the harmonious relationship between individuals and nature. Co-owner Nathan Jamail, with his wife Shannon, says, “We believe that by immersing oneself in nature and stepping away from the daily chaos, people can reconnect, rejuvenate and rediscover their inner peace. This is why we offer a nature-forward space that serves as a sanctuary for our guests.

“Our values reflect our commitment to reducing stress by fostering this profound connection with the environment. We emphasize the importance of working with, rather than against, the natural world, which is evident in our practices, from using eco-friendly products to supporting local businesses. We prioritize repurposing and emphasize the importance of sustainability in our endeavors.”

Their mission, “A joyful and unique space to connect, grow and reset,” underpins this philosophy. The family’s aspiration is to be more than just a venue, but a transformative experience for our guests. “The feedback we receive that our space offers peace, well-being and meticulous attention to detail is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our values, says Jamail. “At the heart of our approach is a guiding principle: to do everything in love. This not only encompasses our interactions with guests, but also how we treat the environment and our onsite animals. By doing so, we hope to inspire a deeper appreciation for nature and the myriad benefits it offers to our well-being.”