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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


An Ode to Summer

As the sweltering North Texas heat begins to wane, I find myself longing for the embrace of cooler breezes, vibrant colors and the therapeutic goodness of being outside, appreciating all that our Creator made for us to enjoy and care for. For me, the change from summer to autumn always brings a renewed sense of energy and purpose—a desire to make one last sprint before the year's end.

This year, however, my expectations for the fall have been colored by the record-setting heat we've just experienced. For example, while it's been way too hot and humid to hang out on my back patio, I've been diligently tending to the newly planted shrubbery there, part of my constant improvements in pursuit of my plan for an outdoor office space. All of this is fueled by my dream of spending time there once it’s tolerable outside.

Then there’s my wanderlust, the biggest side effect from months of hunkering down indoors. The idea of meaningful travel has become a beacon of hope to me. With my leisure time at a premium and an inalienable need to be in my best element—which is outside in nature, not inside my house—fall adventures beckon. My bag is already packed.

So in this edition of Natural Awakenings, we're thrilled to present “Wellness Travel and Purposeful Journeys,” a feature article that will resonate with anyone who shares that longing for rejuvenation and exploration. We'll introduce getaways designed to nourish both your well-being and your sense of purpose. Whether you choose a holistic retreat, ecotourism or mindful immersion in a different culture, it will inspire your next transformative travel experience.

Our local features also dive into myriad possibilities for exploring new horizons in Texas while prioritizing health, sustainability and personal growth. From wellness retreats nestled in serene landscapes to purpose-driven adventures that contribute to local communities, we will help you find a fulfilling journey that aligns with your values. We've profiled several exciting, fairly quick-to-get-to wellness and nature retreats and resorts that can assuage North Texans’ wanderlust.

It's hard not to draw a connection between this month’s theme and Earth’s distress. Much like a crying baby signaling discomfort, the extreme heatwaves and changing climate patterns seem to be the planet’s desperate attempt to communicate an urgent message. Amid these challenges, travel can be a catalyst for positive transformation for our own health and for the health of the world.

Thank you for your continued support as part of our Natural Awakenings community. We hope that this issue encourages you to embark on journeys that uplift your spirit, rejuvenate your body, enrich your soul and help you along your way to a healthy life on a healthy planet. Here’s to a September filled with purposeful travel, wellness and the joy of new discoveries.

Blessings until next month,