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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Vegan Restaurants Around Dallas

In the transition to a plant-derived diet, vegetarians don’t eat food products made from meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans or animal byproducts. Vegans don’t eat food products that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs. As the movement gains momentum, restauranteurs have taken notice, and here are a few of the current hotspots and their specialties.                                                                                          

TLC Vegan Café: chicken fried oyster mushrooms, house-made sauces, buttercream cake, banana foster pudding and award-winning Texas chili. 1930 N. Coit Rd., Ste. 140, Richardson.

Nuno's Tacos & Vegmex Grill: chorizo, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, tortas, nachos, Michael Scott Fishless Sandwich, Nuno’s Loaded Nachos, Nuno’s Quesadilla Plate, Kendra’s Taco Plate, flauta plate, la chilanga torta, pozole, mole enchiladas, cowboy torta. 8024 Spring Valley Rd., Ste. 8024, Dallas.

D'Vegan: Vietnamese cuisine, popular dishes such as bun bo hue, golden noodle soup, deluxe flat noodle, happy fried rice, vegan pho. 9780 Walnut St., in the Walnut Street Mall, Dallas.

World Party Pizza: fresh, quality vegan pizza and pasta, creamy walnut chick'n, pesto pasta with seared lion’s mane mushrooms on their all-online menu. 1930 N. Coit Rd., Ste. 140, Richardson.

Kalachandji's: vegan Indian cuisine: Veggi Burger Sundays, Dosa Tuesdays and Paratha Wednesdays. 5430 Gurley Ave., Dallas.

Sierra Valley Food: authentic Mexican food, especially tamales, including vegan pork, cheese and green salsa, chicken and salsa, sweet pumpkin, black bean and mixed flavors. 920 S Harwood St., Dallas, in the Dallas Farmers Market.

Vegan Vibrationz: Vegan Vibrationz offers 20 percent off on Meatless Monday at Legacy Food Hall, featuring loaded nachos with smoked jackfruit, vibes juice, and crispy cauliflower buffalo wings. 7800 Windrose Ave., Plano..

El Palote Panaderia: chimi plates, nachos supreme, and main weekend dishes such as menudo grande and chico. vegan taco, BBQ sandwich, and enchiladas plate. 2537 S. Buckner Blvd., Dallas.

Vegan Food House: “crab” fried avocado benedict and fries, prosciutto and blue cheese flatbread, french onion grilled cheese sandwich and fries, bread pudding waffle with peach cobbler compote. 832 W. Seventh St., Dallas.

Spiral Diner & Bakery: The Big Easy, Zucchini Po Boy, Da Gumbo, Shrimp Po Boy and the King Cake Shake. 1314 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth.

Recipe Oak Cliff: fresh, organic juices and drinks, soups, salads, to-go meals, unique juices and smoothies, from flavors Citrus Blast, Electric Mango, KoolAide and more. 1831 S. Ewing Ave., Dallas.

Nature's Plate: veggie mac, sweet potato lemon tahini bowl, tempeh salad, and black bean enchiladas. 10233 E. NW Hwy., Ste. 432, Dallas.

Project Pollo: vegan chicken Korean Steak Salad and Chikn Caesar Wrap. 4814 Greenville Ave., Dallas.

Casa Del Vegano: grilled fajita chickenless tacos, coastal scallop tacos, crispy Thai jackfruit tacos, The Avochanga, spicy torta de milanese, jalapenos rellanos, veef quesadilla and pupusas. 333 Jefferson Blvd., Dallas.

Da Munchies: Philly roll, cajun crab stuffed jalapeno poppers, cauli wings, jack fruit tacos, fried chickem and BBQ link baskets. 4121 N. Westmoreland Rd., Dallas.

True Food Kitchen: Inside Out Quinoa Burger, spaghetti squash casserole, Panang curry, teriyaki quinoa bowl, squash pie, moroccan chicken, red chili shrimp, shiitake lettuce cups. 8383 Preston Center Plaza, Ste. 100, Dallas.

Goji Café: protein, summer, and crispy spring rolls vegan sweet and sour chicken, curry fried rice, deluxe flat noodles, and veggie fried rice. 2330 Royal Ln., Ste. 900, Dallas.

Reverie Bakeshop: vegan sweet tooth cupcake, the veggie dog jalapeno kolache, oatmeal cookie sandwich, and the chocolate peanut butter cup. 980 N. Coit Rd., Ste. 2850, Richardson.

Midtown Pizza: vegan pizza , including their traditional marinara sauce and vegan mozzarella, basil pesto, meat lovers, margarita, BBQ chicken, Greek, midtown, greens, and playa flavors. 5782 Alpha Rd., Dallas.