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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Top Longevity Hacks

Claim the age we want to be for the rest of our lives. The power of this cannot be overestimated. Claiming our age will inherently start asking the right questions on how we are going to claim and maintain this age. It takes us out of the subtle acquiescence of thinking, “I’m good for my age,” and moves us into to mindset of rejuvenation and optimization.

Understand that all of life comes down to programming the nervous system. How we think, the questions we ask, what we think is possible, how much stress we experience, what and how we learn, how we live in reaction to old traumas, how we understand, heal and then transcend those traumas, how we give ourself unconditional love and safety, how we engage in relationships and how we move and optimize physical performance all come down to programming and reprogramming the nervous system.

The nervous system is comprised of three parts; the conscious mind what you we aware of, the subconscious mind what we are vaguely or even unaware of that influences our decisions and the autonomic nervous system that balances fight-or-flight versus rest-and-repair. When our nervous system is optimized, life and longevity will exceed our wildest imagination.

Prioritize and rethink leveraging health for the sake of building family, career and community. Realize that we are the “parent company” to all our other activities, engagements and commitments. Take 60 to 90 minutes a day to take care of ourselves, and everything else can flow for decades to come.

Make decisions based on whether they bring us joy and add more love and less stress to our life. Looking at life through this lens will enable us to enjoy every day, commit to things that nurture us and massively increase our health and longevity.

Become a quantum thinker. Almost every conflict in the world arises from binary thinking (this is right, that is wrong). When we are a quantum thinker, we can see all the possibilities and hold multiple things to be true simultaneously; even those that are ostensibly contradictory. From this place, we can find wise solutions that benefit many.

Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, author of 100 is the New 30, is the owner of Gladden Longevity, located at 200 O’Connor Ridge Blvd., Ste. 100, in Irving,. For more information, call 972-310-8916 or visit