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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Spotlight on Men’s Health

As we turn the page to June, a month filled with the promise of summer’s warmth and vibrant sunshine, we are particularly mindful of the special day dedicated to the incredible men in our lives—Father’s Day. It’s a time to honor and celebrate the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers and father figures who play pivotal roles in our families and communities. Their strength, guidance and love are cornerstones that support and uplift us all.

In the spirit of this celebration, we also turn our attention to the health and wellness issues that predominantly affect men. That’s a topic that deserves our focus throughout the year. Many men face unique health challenges that significantly impact their overall well-being, and therefore impact us all. Among these, cardiovascular disease, prostate health and mental health stand out as critical areas that require our attention.

Cardiovascular disease, an often-silent killer that’s one of the leading causes of male death, can be mitigated through lifestyle changes and proactive health care. Regular checkups, a balanced diet and consistent exercise are foundational steps in maintaining men’s heart health. Prostate health, too, demands vigilance. Routine screenings and an informed approach to treatment options can make a profound difference in outcomes for conditions such as prostate cancer. In “Men’s Wellness: Focus on Prostate Issues,” Dr. Michael Einsohn, of Thermography Center Dallas, discusses prostate cancer and alternative and complementary ways to treat it.

Mental health is another crucial aspect of men’s wellness that warrants our attention. Traditionally, societal norms have discouraged men from expressing vulnerability, which includes seeking help for emotional and psychological issues. This stigma must be broken. It’s essential that we create environments where men feel supported in discussing their mental health openly. Lifestyle habits such as regular physical activity, adequate sleep and balanced nutrition play a significant role in overall wellness, contributing not only to a strong body, but also to a resilient mind and spirit.

In our quest to promote men’s health, we must not forget to acknowledge and honor God the Father, our Creator and Savior. His divine guidance and love are the ultimate sources of mental and physical strength and comfort. In the same way that we seek to provide for the physical and emotional needs of our families, we can look to God as the eternal Father who provides for all our needs. His presence is a reminder of the importance of faith, compassion, and love—values that every father figure strives to embody.

As we reflect on these important issues, let’s be proactive in supporting the men in our lives.  Whether we’re encouraging a loved one to get a checkup, promoting healthier eating habits or simply lending a sympathetic ear, our actions can make a significant impact. Let us also take a moment to thank and appreciate all fathers for their unwavering dedication and love. Their sacrifices and contributions are immeasurable, and their presence is a blessing.

Our June issue is filled with valuable information and resources to help you and your loved ones navigate the complexities of men’s health and wellness. From advice on building better muscle to tips from North Texas’ own longevity guru, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, to mental wellness strategies and nutritious recipes, we aim to provide comprehensive insights that will empower you on your journey to living a healthier life on a healthy planet.

Blessings until next month,

Bernice Butler

Publisher, Natural Awakenings Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Magazine