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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


From Farm to Soul: Celebrating the Essence of Food

Food is the common thread that sustains us, brings us together and enriches our experiences, no matter who or where we are. I encourage you to dive deeper into the intricacies of the food we consume—explore new recipes, try different cuisines and enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of our local harvests. This issue of Natural Awakenings offers an exciting assortment of articles and features to help you make the best of what North Texas has to offer.

Our ninth annual Farmers Market & Healthy Food Pullout Guide, beginning on page 19, is a treasure trove of information. It lists area farmers markets; CSAs (community-supported agriculture programs); farms, nurseries and garden centers; farm-to-table restaurants; vegetarian and vegan eateries; and businesses offering natural, organic and healthy prepared meals. Keep this guide handy all year round as your go-to resource for fresh, wholesome food. We also offer a feature article on the local farm-to-table movement. For a broader perspective on food production and land use, visit, where you can listen to shows dedicated to this month’s food themes.

As we embrace July’s warmth and the abundance of the summer harvest, I find myself reflecting on how central food is to our mental, spiritual, emotional and even business lives. We need food for sustenance, but it also weaves through the very fabric of our daily experiences and our most cherished moments. Removing food from these defining instances would certainly be less vibrant.

Food deserves to be celebrated not just as a necessity, but as a pivotal part of our health and well-being. One way is by taking an adventurous and experimental approach to eating. I recall a transformative period in my life when I moved to downtown Miami, a melting pot of international, Latin American, North American and U.S. southern cultures and a paradise for food enthusiasts. The city’s rich culinary diversity, with its emphasis on fresh, veggie-based, nonfried, minimally processed ingredients introduced me to a way of eating that is both highly nutritious and delightfully flavorful.

One profound moment in Miami occurred when I was working with the South Florida Art Institute’s Beans and Rice exhibit. Initially, I was curious about the meaning of the name, but I soon understood the universality it represented. Nearly every culture includes some form of beans and rice in its cuisine. Growing up in Texas, I had these staples as a part of my diet, too. This realization was an epiphany as I thought about how diverse cultures connect through their shared love for simple, nourishing meals. Even my mother, after trying plantains for the first time, was inspired to incorporate them into her cooking back in Austin.

If you’re seeking further culinary inspiration, please note that we’ve also published a number of online-only recipes celebrating the vibrant flavors of summer. While you embrace the bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables—which might include a trip to some local farms—make sure to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the summer heat. I hope you will find much in this month’s issue to help you along your journey of living a healthier life on a healthy planet.

Blessings until next month.