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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Dr. Phyllis Gee - Willowbend Health & Wellness

Most strides in health care, particularly in the holistic realm, are driven by women, observes Dr. Phyllis Gee. “Women are often the caregivers and manage family health, so they’re often more sensitive to what’s going on around them. When women don’t find answers that we’re looking for, we seek them out. When we find them, we feel a need to share that information.” She believes sharing personal stories is particularly beneficial for natural wellness modalities, as it helps lead to a patient-practitioner partnership.

Gee’s business was also adversely affected by pandemic shutdowns. The February 2021 ice storm destroyed the Willowbend Health & Wellness functional medicine clinic that she had opened just two years prior. The rebuilding process was grueling, but Gee says that in a roundabout way, those challenges helped her find her true purpose. “I did a prolonged detox for 90 days. I started exercising more consistently by getting out with my husband and daughter to rediscover nature. I became more consistent with my morning routine of devotion and affirmation, along with healthier eating and intermittent fasting, which I have continued,” she says.

Gee’s previous experience with an autoimmune disease was the impetus for her embarking on a functional medicine journey. During the pandemic, she focused on her work in metabolic health and refocused on how to rebuild her business and serve more people by creating a comprehensive in-person program to address those issues. She recently added an all-virtual version called Restore Your Health Metabolic Reset Program.

Dr. Phyllis Gee

Willowbend Health & Wellness

4601 Old Shepherd Place, Bldg. 2, Ste. 201, Plano