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Eco Friends Organic Pest Control - Lin Ellis

In her Eco Friends Organic Pest Control business, Lin Ellis uses natural, plant-based pest control products and educates her clients about pest prevention measures to create eco-safe environments. Ellis' description of what is driving more women toward entrepreneurship in holistic businesses is, “Their families.” She observes how women, being the primary caretakers, often consider the health of their children first and foremost.

Before forming Eco Friends Organic Pest Control in 2009, Ellis had had an adverse reaction to chemical pest control products. She says that sharing those stories resonates with her clients This and adds to the education component of her business. “I tell them you could eat heathy and use non-chemical cleaning products, but if you have your carpets cleaned with chemical carpet cleaners and use chemical pest control, your babies and pets are crawling around on floors and absorbing those toxins through their skin,” she explains.

Ellis heads off a lot of work-related stress by being upfront, which creates realistic expectations. “I tell them you can’t get rid of ants by just spraying the baseboards and calling it day. We have to find the colony. More importantly, if the client is contributing to the problem, I will tell them. They can’t leave food out or not clean up. There’s no magic pill to get rid of bugs; clients have to work with us.”

Because women are so often good listeners, Ellis says she’s usually the one that fields client concerns. “They just want to be heard,” she says. “As mothers and as business owners, we’re the caregivers of everyone in the household. We make sure everything’s going to be all right so everyone will be happy and healthy. That’s what a mother wants.”

Lin Ellis

Eco Friends Organic Pest Control