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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


A Life-Changing Expo in Plano

The Changing Life & Destiny Expo, held October 18 in Plano, offers the opportunity to experience the technologies, meet the experts and learn how to improve health. Of the many products, services and technologies available today that have been developed to help improve our health holistically and/or prevent disease, most have neither been available to the general public or are not presented with a hands-on approach, including expert consultation, demonstration and professional follow-up. This is necessary for success and to have the knowledge for healthy lifestyle changes.

Participants will hear from master experts how to improve health, prevent disease and address illnesses naturally using the latest technology and science typically not accessible via traditional medicine; experience technologies in the health and wellness space such as red light therapy, natural pain relief, lymphatic drainage, heavy metal detox and others; and meet health and wellness professionals in the community that can guide them on a journey to wellness by making healthy choices that will prevent disease using a non-pharmaceutical and non-toxic lifestyle.

They will explore how to use science and technology to make the body function better and more efficiently by increasing energy and reducing signs of aging, as well as access the latest mind hacks to create a better brain and a better life. With this technology, they can experience overnight changes to improve sleep, focus and anxiety.

It has been well-demonstrated and documented that wellness is a journey that never stops, and a solid path on that journey includes a team of practitioners and experts that offer guidance and suggestions along the way. It's also understood that loving ourselves is a mindset we need to live a life that promotes health and wellness.

No two people are alike, and at this event attendees can browse through the options and choose which they would like to pursue. Everyone has a choice of health journey. We can choose to live a life that welcomes disease or we can change our mindset and improve our lifestyle choices to rise up and love our health as a priority for ourselves and our families.

Location: Plano Events Center, 2000 East Spring Creek Parkway, Plano. For tickets and more information, visit



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