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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Taking Health Control

Recently I am seeing the convergence of advice, recommendations and exhortations from scientific, medical and other healthcare professionals and practitioners as it relates to how to protect our health—and I am over-the-moon excited about it. I am so elated because in addition to being in line with much of the information we offer each month in Natural Awakenings, the recommendations are easily understood, doable and within the control of each of us to achieve.

 The epiphany of this convergence happened today as we were preparing the September issue. I realized that some expert practitioners featured this month were giving similar advice for good health and strengthening the immune system. The same is true for the climate change scientist/epidemiologist and the allergy and toxicology M.D. that I had interviewed earlier on the Healthy Living Healthy Planet radio show. That episode, “The Chronic Disease Toll of Air Pollution,” consisted of a 40-minute discussion and exploration of the various illnesses, diseases and 7 million deaths each year caused by air pollution, primarily due to fossil fuel combustion (automobiles, coal-fired power plants and anything that uses gas, oil or coal). I always end the show by asking out experts, “What can ordinary people do in their everyday lives to help drive solutions and protect their health against this assault of air pollution?”

 To my delight, their responses and recommendations included exercise and detoxification; a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables; minimizing stress; rest and sleep; and to pay attention to what your body is telling you. As we were putting together this month’s issue, some of these same recommendations were given by  practitioners for pain management and boosting the immune system.

 Seeing this convergence in real time today has ignited my passion and made me even more committed to doing these things, because they make me realize that I’m in control, despite all of the environmental assaults on my health that are all around me. There’s plenty I can do to fight it, and I have some power in my battle for good health.  As I think about it, this is as it should be: our creator gave man dominion over all that is on the Earth, not to be confused with domination, which means that we are  in control and should take control over the health and well-being of everything in it—including ourselves!

 In this month’s issue, we offer other practical insights and advice for health and healing through Art and Creativity. In her article, “Art’s Embrace,” Sandra Yeyati examines the healing effects demonstrated by the arts on cancer patients, in medical settings and on dementia patients. I have to wonder if it can help heal some of the stress in all of our lives that assaults us daily.

 In a nod to both health and environment, our Green Living department looks at eco-friendly cookware, which also happens to be inherently healthy for us. Hopefully, you will be inspired as I was a couple of years ago to throw out my Teflon and Circulon. Now I exclusively use cast iron. I feel empowered that I am making at least one small difference for the planet and for my health.

 The September issue is chock full of other useful and approachable tips and information, like the health risks of different types of light bulbs, that can put you in control. We hope you will find them useful on your journey to living a healthier life on a healthy planet.

Until next month,